July 2015
Wednesday, 20:00
St Eval Parish Hall

Parish Council Meeting

MINUTES of the St Eval Parish Council meeting held at the St Eval Parish Hall on Wednesday 1 st July 2015. 

Present: Kim Hayward – Chairlady, Joyce Froome, Peter Sandry, Mick Baker, Mary Neale & Debbie Spalding. 3 Members of the Public. 

Mr John Robinson provided the meeting with a short, but illuminating history of the “Trephy “ steps at Porthcothan. There has been problems over the years with the steps falling into disrepair and CC’s decision at one stage to have them closed. But until a short while ago a number of residents have been contributing to a fund for the steps to be restored when required, as well as having in place a public liability insurance which expires in September 2015. 

Because it has been recognised that the land the steps are built on was bequeathed to the PC, it is felt that they should become the PC’s responsibility. After discussion the meeting agreed that these steps would be the PC’s responsibility. Therefore the Clerk will formalise the required paperwork and liaise with JR.